Sunday, November 17, 2013

Texas couple "fined" $3,500 for posting bad online review and other headlines

A couple from Texas are dealing with the fallout from posting a bad review of an online business that fined them $3,500 for that review.  When Jen Palmer posted the review of on, Kleargear did nothing for three years.  Then it send her husband an email saying they had to remove the bad review or face a fine of $3,500.  The company subsequently dinged the Palmer's credit report.

Donations continue to pour in for the gay waitress in New Jersey who is the latest victim of an "I won't tip you because you are gay" note written on a credit card receipt.  22 year old Dayna Morales, who is a former Marine, didn't discuss her orientation with the family, they just assumed.  She plans to re-donate the money she's receiving to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford claims to be looking out for the "little guy", but it turns out that he has lived a live of wealth and privilege since childhood.  He is running for reelection without regard to the controversies swirling around him.  Reporter's note:  I'm sure he'll get the crack cocaine user vote.

A man and woman who engaged in oral sex more than once on a flight from Medford, OR to Las Vegas, NV were fined $250 each.  44 year old Christopher Martin says he has lost his job and his reputation.  Reporter's note:  Hope he had one heck of an orgasm, it came at a heavy price.

Harold Hofmann, mayor of the Southern California city of Lawndale for the past two decades has died at age 81.  Sheriff's deputies say he died at home, apparently of natural causes.  A lifelong resident of the small city, Hofmann had been on the City Council for ten years before he was elected mayor.

A New York City based dog behavior expert says that animals do suffer from depression.

Senator Ron Johnson (R) of Wisconsin came as close to out and out calling President Obama a liar in today's GOP radio response to the earlier radio message from the President.  "President Obama's so-called apology was as phony as his fraudulent marketing of Obamacare" was just one of Senator Johnson's comments.  Reporter's note:  Can we focus on fixing the problem rather than laying blame?   The elections are still a year away.

How many assistants does it take to take Barbara Walters to a film screening?  Judging from reports, the answer is four.  She ruined a screening of "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" on Wednesday in NYC, talking throughout, asking questions about a film she clearly did not understand, and even being overheard asking " that Jennifer Lawrence?"

WalMart, McDonalds and Target are the three big U.S. companies atop a list of which firms pay their employees the least amount of money.  Hourly wages for WalMart sales associates, on average, are less than $9.00 per hour.

A British WWII veteran has been told he is too old to serve as Grand Marshal for an annual parade honoring veterans, a job he's done for nearly 40 years.  Parade organizers say he's too old to be properly insured.

Kylie Jenner says she can't remember not being famous.  Reporter's note:  When you're famous solely for being famous, it's not surprising you've chosen to forget the time before you did nothing to achieve fame.  You're afraid of going back to that time.

Mickey Mouse is 85 years old, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand continues to face stiff opposition in the Senate to her bill that would take military commanders out of the process of prosecuting those who are accused of rape and sexual assault.

The Clippers are reportedly close to re-signing Lamar Odom, according to TMZ Sports.